Kramies + Jason Lytle - 'Clocks Were All Broken'Hidden Shoal is excited to release the new video for Kramies’ gorgeous track ‘Clocks Were All Broken’ which features the instrumental and production talents of Jason Lytle (Grandaddy). The song’s theme of time standing still is rendered visually by experimental film-maker (and label manager) Cam Merton as a never-ending summer’s day at the beach. As the track’s aching synth melodies and voices echo and fracture, the blurred beachgoers begin to fade and multiply, receding into nothingness. Check the video out at YouTube and Vimeo.

‘Clocks Were All Broken’ is taken from Kramies’ brilliant 2013 EP The Wooden Heart, which features collaboration and production from Jason Lytle and Todd Tobias (Circus Devils,Robert Pollard, Guided By Voices). The EP is available now through Hidden Shoal.