‘Une Saison En Enfer’ is the 1st single lifted from Moonchy & Tobias, an electrifying collaboration between Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy and American instrumentalist Todd Tobias. The album will see release on November 2nd 2018 through Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records.

Brace yourself when entering the disorienting world of Moonchy & Tobias, where churning rock textures created by Todd Tobias are the landscape within which vocalist Pat Moonchy runs riot, warping her voice into every recess and shape available. Skirting the boundary between fairytale and nightmare, the angular architecture of the music is softened and stretched at every juncture. Whether the pounding bass of ‘Juu Ichi’, the bubbling submarine atmospheres of ‘Vertigo Trail’, or the percussion and fuzz carnival of single ‘Une Saison En Enfer’, Moonchy and Tobias create a transformative musical experience in which giddy tangents abound.