“Small but nice they say? Now that certainly applies to the great micro label Tiny Room Records, where one original act after another appears. The duo Moonchy & Tobias is living proof of this, who will debut in 2018 with the eponymous debut written entirely in Japanese. Then two more albums follow. The pair consists of vocalist Pat Moonchy (Sothiac, Doubleganger, One Lip 5, Pat Moonchy Trio, Tai No-Orchestra) and American multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias (4 Coyotes, Brother Earth, Clouds Forming Crowns, Circus Devils (with Robert Pollard from Guided By Voices), Ricked Wicky, Psycho And The Birds). In addition, both have also released solo albums. Moonchy often moves into the experimental, dark ambient, avant-garde and noise angle, while Tobias prefers the psychedelic and adventurous rock. Together they bring so much more than the sum of their parts, as cliché as this may sound; but a fact is a fact. They show that once again on their new, fourth album Golem, which has once again been released on Tiny Room. They again bring an inimitable mix of styles, of which alternative rock, stoner, krautrock, avant-garde and psychedelia are certainly a part, but which are not necessarily easy to put your finger on. Moonchy’s vocals are somewhere between Phew, Louisa Lilani, Diamanda Galas and Sainkho Namtchylak, which is already a feast for the ears. Then there is the special musical coloring of Tobias, which makes it completely elusive but extremely intriguing. You can hear music from Primus, Beak>>, Cranes, Kyuss, Jack Or Jive, Pain Teens and Deerhoof, albeit that their approach is truly unique. But judge for yourself via the link below. Anyway, I think they’re great!” [translated via Google].

De Subjectivisten