“The duo of Pat Moonchy and Todd Tobias have found each other. The multi instrumentalist Tobias knows how to create a mix with his soundscapes and pop sound that the singer Moonchy is comfortable with.

An instrumental soundscape ‘Arcabaleno’ provides an introduction to Moonchy. The strumming beginning of ‘Atmosfere’ gives a moment’s rest so that Moonchy’s vulnerable voice sings in the spatial sounds. The album has no long songs, but is mainly focused on the feeling and intense intimate songs that must make dreams come true. Zp his ‘Occasione’, the acoustic ‘Velo’ and the intimate ‘Senso de Tempo’ are the better songs of the album.

It can be a great start to a collaboration that should have a deepening effect. The collaboration is more intense on some songs than on other songs and you can just hear that. It would be nice if they could straighten this out on a next album.”