SolaceHidden Shoal is proud present Solace, the sublime new album from Memorybell. The album is available to purchase on CD and in digital formats via Bandcamp, stream via Spotify and is also available from all good online stores. The first single from the album, ‘Sigh of Floes’, is available to stream on Spotify and it’s accompanying music video can be streamed in 4k on YouTube.

Taking inspiration from moments of repose, Solace sees Memorybell expand upon the pockets of stillness introduced in Obsolete and enlarge them until one can become lost. Solace explores the kinds of natural phenomena that can calm an anxious mind, such as watching an orange sunrise over snow or sitting alone in a quiet forest. These moments of inspiration provide the core of each song, with a few seconds transformed into expansive meditations.

The mechanics of creating the album mimic the ideas that inspired it. In late 2016, Outerbridge began building a modular synthesizer that became the source instrument, alongside piano. Notes are sustained and re-shaped into resonant tones effacing their initial impulses. Piano phrases bounce between filters and echo into themselves; arpeggiated strings become mist; one thought dissolves into many. This scattering of focus creates a blanket of sound, a feeling that there is nowhere to look but everywhere.

The music of Memorybell is available for licensing (film, tv, web etc) via Hidden Shoal.