Translated from the original French via Google.

The universe of Markus Mehr is nourished by sounds that are part of our environment, without us really paying attention, these little things that fill the astral void to make our world what it is today, with its areas of complexity and its fields of freedom.

Brief Conversations is a work with the appearance of focus beneath the earth’s crust of landscapes coated with breaths and rain, drought and light, nocturnal appearances and imaginative depth.

The atmosphere which pours over the minutes, regularly rocks on the side of walls softened by the gentle hammering of waves blurring our perception, concealing the ghosts of imperceptible shadows.

The set of Brief Conversations assembles and embodies atmospheres fueled by field recordings, crossed by sizzles disintegrating in spaces that are too small, seeking to flee towards abysses which open up to the detour of new options. The vastness is hidden behind the doors of our own imagination, you just have to let yourself be carried away to access this cosmic reality, the lacerated interstices. Hypnotic.”