“I like a bit of mystery. It adds something to the process of musical discovery. Why, for example, are all the songs on Makee’s self-titled EP four letters long? For that matter, is Australia really upside down?

Pondering that kind of thing will make all the blood rush to your head but all that blood rushing to your head does have its advantages. For one thing, the detached retro unleashed from the looped up mind of Makee will hypnotise you in double quick time with the post Eurodisco sensibilities of “Bail” easily rendering your ears spellbound even if you’ve never been to Frankfurt. Looping things – for that is Makee’s musical weapon of choice – together with rather greater vehemence seems the plan for “Stez” as if to provide that vicious counterpoint to the dance floor while “Tone” takes irony to limit in the name of seventies space funk.

“Wake”, for all its rhythmic predictability, is in clear and present danger of assaulting all that is ambient with the kind of short sharp shock guitar that once made the world safe for Goodbye Mr McKenzie. The longest song, and the most casual in its musical intentions is “Bord” and even that click tracks diligently in search of answers that aren’t actually there.

The kind of manic insistence that drives Makee’s music would make these songs ideal for the soundtrack to any cheesy seventies exploitation movie starring Maria de Aragon. The mark of approval is duly given. – 4/5”