“Makee is a Perth-based one-man-band. Daniel Cavalli, being a creative musician described as ‘a shy team player..’, started up playing drums and guitar. He has formerly also been doing some remixing work, f.i. Hidden Shoal’s [The] Caseworker’s “Hold On To The Road” (originally from Letters From The Coast), rather splendidly ‘re-imagined’ by Cavalli. This debut, self-titled EP shows proof (with his music) of what the label tags as being ‘bright-eyed, beat-driven tracks, as danceable as they are atmospheric’. Self-described, Makee’s EP is ‘..looped samples of atmospheric nostalgia..’. In some strange way Makee’s music make me think of a more shy, dance-beat version of, say…Joy Division and The National. Add some Caribou, as well as much/many more.

Hidden Shoal further go on (on his musical background) that he was: ‘..immersed in a sea of 1990s atmospheric drum’n’bass at the time, he slowly but surely began to navigate back to his roots in guitar-based music, started playing bass, and even plucked up the courage to sing now and again..’. This EP for sure is delicate and elegant, made with tenderness and affection, as the tracks beam out: “bail”, “stez”, “tone”, “wake”, and “bord”. Shy music, makes shy titles, but the musical confidence is way strong. The record label proudly announced ‘sonic and visual delights’ when the debut single, “bail”, was launched a couple of weeks ago, with its accompanying music video. It’s a beauty. Cavalli (armed with a computer, samplers, sequencers and a reel-to-reel tape, plus more) creates shimmering moments of highly electric pop. Hidden Shoal also describe Makee’s music to spread across ‘beatific disco, ecstatic electronica, and shoegazing kosmische’. This is a to-the-point description. Makee EP is a hidden teasure, and my guess is that it will stay a treasure. As well as, I am afraid, it will stay hidden. I dare you to dig its gold.

Hidden Shoal: ‘Grab the single (and the EP) at Bandcamp, stream it at Soundcloud and check out the video at YouTube and Vimeo.’ That is some good advice. This is technicolor dream pop.”

Luna Kafe