“Shoegaze post-rock can be either exceptional or really bad. Let’s be honest, there are some bands who try to create cosmic instrumental tunes that essentially are three or four chords repeated over five minutes. Fortunately for us, French five-piece Lunar Landscape are not one of these pretenders. Then again, some of the band’s members, such as primary mastermind Arnaud Sigonney, have been plying their trade for over a decade in other groups. As such, they’re not necessarily starting from scratch, and their expertise is displayed on “Les nuits célestes”.

Taken from their debut album, The Infinite Pleasure of Being, which is out now on Hidden Shoal and available on Bandcamp, the track sounds exactly as it name suggests. It is a dazzling piece of atmospheric, shoegaze post-rock that feels like one is drifting effortlessly through the skies. As if we have wings and are soaring high in the air, watching the world slowly move beneath us. “Les nuits célestes” is also a rarity within the genre. Not only do you wish to close your eyes and inhale its beauty, you’ll want to strum on your air guitar and pretend you’re the one illuminating the air with crystalline shimmers. Simply outstanding.

Lunar Landscape are Arnaud Sigonney (piano/keyboards/guitar/vocals), Yoann Roy (bass), Franck Lantignac (drums), Line Senium (piano), and Marine Hebard (vocals). Get to know this band.”

The Revue