Liminal Drifter’s “The Night Train Vacancies” Scoops RTRFM Feature Album!

The Night Train VacanciesLiminal Drifter‘s The Night Train Vacancies, is this week’s Local Feature album at the ever wonderful RTRFM. Not only will tracks from the the album be played across the station all week, but there’s also a bunch of copies of the CD being given away. Win-Win!

On The Night Train Vacancies, Liminal Drifter’s music is reinterpreted by artists such as Matt McLean (of Lilt), Lvmark, p_Frisk, ddos, Warren Scott, Striphy, escue and Robwun. While most of debut album Troubled Mystic (Hidden Shoal, 2015) was written while travelling, The Night Train Vacancies sees the original tracks taking new journeys of their own, woven together into a remix album that flows beautifully as a whole – from restrained and expansive reworkings to spectral tension-and-release bangers.

The album is available now in digital and CD formats (including stunning artwork by Stuart Medley) via the Liminal Drifter Bandcamp and digitally via all good 3rd party stores such as Spotify, iTunes and the rest.

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