“Les Limbes have charged out with this their debut EP. Consisting of four instrumental tracks the Bordeaux 5 piece have infused heavy rock and shoegazer sounds achieving massive energy and a deep atmosphere.

Hypersonic is a curious mix of Tool and Radiohead with heavy rock vibes charging along like a bullet train backed with a layered depth of shoegazer and psychedelic experimentation.The result is a track that sounds like what a roller coaster ride on the moon!

Strangers to everyone is quite a contrast with a much more chilled out exterior. There are some amazing psychedelic sounds and a good dose of metal guitars, however it is all packaged in a slow, dreamy manner. The track climaxes with a massive Sonic Youth-esq no wave jam before drifting away. Thousand billion broken ideas has a Rage Against the Machine Feel to it courtesy of some heavy and roaring guitars. This is contrasted nicely with some melodic textures. Zeitgest is a darker piano driven tune with low growing guitars working their way in. There is a great melancholic feel going over the track sounding something like the darker moments of old school Metallica.

This is truly (figuratively) mind blowing stuff! These tracks really show off what can be achieved in instrumentals to the extent that it feels like a lot if being said even though there are no words!”