Kryshe‘s In Between EP has sneaked into my life very recently thanks to Hidden Shoal‘s main man, Mr. Cam Merton, who consistently provides a warm home for quality and talent from around the world in order to bring us sonic delicacies from many regions of the far-flung musical spectrum. It sneaked into my life, and very quickly into my heart. The blend of emotional bareness, effortlessness, spaciousness and warm luminosity in the fabrics of In Between is irresistible. Kryshe is the solo ambient project of German musician Christian Grothe, who is also a part of the excellent Unland trio which released its wonderful debut album earlier this year. In Between is Kryshe’s brand-new 5-track digital EP.

The EP is built from attractively balanced combinations of live, free-flowing sessions and post-editing. Subtle electronics and manipulation judiciously spice the raw and organic, intensifying the strong emotional core. At times, among the piano streams, guitar work and delicately glitchy electronic designs, you can hear Grothe’s breathing, which intensifies the live intimate sense. The music conjures up nocturnal urban panorama, but at the same time you feel like you’re in the studio with Grothe. He shifts so effortlessly from ethereal and hopeful to melancholic and contemplative, and the other way round, interweaving all into dynamic wholes full of sweet wistfulness and tension. The autumn ghost has already started whispering, and soon we’ll be immersed in winter shades. In Between is perfect for those times of the year.

In the depths of In Between, collaborations between Budd and Eno and Budd and Clive Wright might spring to mind, but one might also think of Hammock and even label mate Slow Dancing Society. With that being said, In Between is certainly not some sort of clone. It is an original piece of music that stands own its own. Let’s hope this EP is an appetizer for a forthcoming full-length Kryshe album—I would love to own a physical copy of that.”

Igloo Magazine