Kramies - 'The Wooden HeartThe lovely Norwegian blog Luna Kafe has once again given a bunch of love to some new Hidden Shoal releases. Kramies title track to his stunning new EP The Wooden Heart and ‘Dependence Day’ taken from [The] Caseworker’s just released album Voices Out There have both been reviewed in the latest edition of Luna Kafe.  Here’s some excerpts to get you started,

“I will line up to check the album. “Dependence Day” is so distinct and focused, so intense and enigmatic it is just perfect guitar-pop melancholia. Sadness painted in bright colours.”Luna Kafe on [The] Caseworker ‘Dependence Day’

“a swaying, head-in-the-sun pop piece… it is a beautiful and magic/mystic song… pop music turned inside out”Luna Kafe on Kramies ‘The Wooden Heart’

Head to the Hidden Shoal Store to download both tracks for free and check out their fantastic respective releases.