Markus MehrIn this, the very first installment of our MixTape series we have the inimitable German experimentalist Markus Mehr serve us up a glowing slab of 60’s and 70’s pop entitled Kitsch Before Glitch. Even better, Markus has a second installment coming which will see the kitsch give way to glitch. Look out for that in 2015. For now though let’s hear what Markus has to say about this collection of songs before we soak them in.

“A few years back, together with a friend i ran a small and cosy club (Der Pavian) in my hometown. Once or twice a month we had nights called Las Vegas Ballroom or Farfisa Club were I was putting on records just like these. These nights were packed and it was so much fun to play this timeless music. The guys who wrote, recorded and sang these songs were gods to me. The sonic quality is so unique, they did incredible arrangements for fantastic songs. This music from the sixties and seventies might be a bit over the top here and there but it will always have a special place in my heart, so i hope you enjoy this mixtape just as much as i do.  P.S. and yes, the vinyl-noises are authentic…”Markus Mehr

“Kitsch Before Glitch” by Markus Mehr by Hidden Shoal on Mixcloud