Excerpt: “… Jo Dürbeck aka Jumpel, found inspiration from time travelling around Europe which has materialised into a very special album, where each track represents a different city, feeling and stage of the journey. “Like many journeys, Europa begins with speculation and tentative steps. In ‘Arles’ and ‘Bern’, the delicate pattering of subtle rhythms is counterbalanced with delicate melodic figures, like light reflecting off water. ” Taking different approaches throughout, ‘Europa’ transcends into a multitude of feelings and ultimately a true sense of change and progression is apparent, until a beautiful vocal hits in ‘Edinburgh’, lighting up an already sublime album. I have it on good word from Pete Srdic (asip’s ears on the ground!) that Jo’s other albums are just as special and varied in their approach, so time to get digging. You can get ‘Europa’ on Jumpel’s Bandcamp and believe it or not, the best track on the album ‘Edinburgh’ is available as a free download (video below). For links to the rest of his releases, see the Hidden Shoal label site or the Jumpel website.”

A Strangely Isolated Place