“Since 2006, Hidden Shoal Recordings has made a name in the development and diffusion of some of the most remarkable essays in the unique musical universe of shoegazing dream-pop ambient, swirling soundtracky electronic navigation and chamber-rock evocativeness. An obvious reference in the world of contemporary and innovative electronic music. Each release is meticulously conceived and the music always reveals challenging moments and moving sonic sound capacities, all of this in a deliciously and constant emotional, brooding sensitive shape. Bloc4 comes from the reunion or artistic meeting between two original musical personalities: Joe Dürbeck and Chloe March. Dürbeck formed Jumpel in 2005 for a series of eloquent and dreamily enthusiastic digitized electronic opus. He firstly made a reputation with his band Bones which musically admits a curious and dynamic mix of indie pop-rockin elements based on standardized compositional schemas. Next to numerous gigs and with one member of Bones Joe Dürbeck founded his own company devoted to music for films. Chloe March who was firstly invited to play on the last Dürbeck’s album is a multifaceted artist, singer and piano player. Her musical range oscillates between intimate dream-pop ambient realm and glitch-out electro pop sustained by a delicately introspective acoustic orchestration.

Delivered as the new Jumpel, Bloc4 is the result of a rare musical complicity between the two artists. It reveals a wonderful journey between emotionally intense dreamscapes and a magically colorful sonic sounding palette. The conceptual background leads us to a creative sync between spatial relations (inside the urbanistic functional-panoptical post-human context) and our own understanding about man lonely-isolated state. The sonorous environment or soundscaping architecture delivers a surprising dialectic between a qualitative sense of awareness and representational figure of close / open communications. The aesthetic conjunction linking fragility, abstraction and poetical expression is perfectly programmed and transport the listener into melodious-chantlike world of sounds. The expressive and acoustic qualities of Chole March’s very own experiments and personal poetry resonates intimately with Joe Dürbeck’s immersive and powerful electronic fragments to a create a very sensuous experience.

Qualitatively spacious, electronically dense, cinematically enthralling and calmly floating this album is a welcomed recommendation for daydream and reflective state lived inside a “sentimental reconstruction.”

Igloo Magazine