“Sometimes, there are albums that really get you excited for the future. The debut album from Involved is one such work of art that really raises my expectations and gives me great hope for this project in the future. Involved is an electronic post-rock project created by Joe Dorsey (keyboardist for Ocean Architecture) and Reivilo Enoignor. As you can probably guess, this is an international relationship that has come together to create some great music.

If there’s one thing that sets Involved apart from the post-rock crowd, it would be their sheer sense of style. Yes, this whole album has personality to it that most bands in this genre lack. The music is electronic-based, but features plenty of instruments, such as synth, piano, and guitars. Similarly to this year’s excellent release from Teeth of the Sea, Involved utilizes the instruments extremely well. There is never an absence of melody or purpose. It never wanders aimlessly. Involved’s brand of post-rock is pointed, focused, and atmospherically perfect. Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a post-rock album that features such ethereal, textured atmospheres that make you never want to leave. For example, “Inner Spaces” has a light, airy ambiance that draws you in perfectly.

Indeed, I’m extremely impressed with the constant keyboard melody in the background that feels so organic and just right. It waxes and wanes with the music, and climaxes with height and vigor. Thoughtful, poignant, and moving; the music has a great pace and an excellent tone. In these moments, you can really hear the influence of soundtracks on this band. Indeed, I can hear the influence of the Deus Ex video game soundtrack clearly, but also the influence of Tangerine Dream and maybe even The Book of Eli soundtrack. Regardless, this album is highly original and masterfully presented.

There are some incredible tracks on “Revolving Maze”. My favorite is “Tumult” with its piano passages near the end, but I also love “Patient”, “Inner Spaces”, “Ingress”, and “Egress”. The whole album is worthwhile, however, with jaw-dropping melodies and incredible composition. I’m truly impressed with the pensive, exquisite music that these two artists have created, and I am excited to hear the celestial masterpieces they will most definitely create in the future.”

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