[Translated from the Italian via Google. Read the original here.]

“The timeless red line of the psychedelic seventies and the recent (re) discovery of synthetic futuristic worlds meet in collaborative project Involved in the same manner in which it transferred across the Atlantic Ocean with Joe Dorsey (Until Sunrise, Ocean Architecture ) and the Belgian Reivilo Enoignor (Battlestations).

Dense dark and anguished as dark waves, but also by brush strokes of visionary colors, the eleven tracks of “Revolving Maze” are the result of a highly composite inspiration , in which the sensitivity of the two artists recombine seamlessy, manifesting in a ‘ hybrid mixture of cosmic trails, pulsing and synthetic reverbed dreamscapes.The album passes through the claustrophobic single “Machiavella” to the environmental fading of the title track and “Angular” and the sinuous twists of “Tumult”, the latter almost a shoegaze song in key (retro-) futurist mode .

In parallel to the solid wall of sound that forms the backdrop of almost all the songs, the keyboards also define groove buttons that deviate tracks such as “Radiation Leak” and “Patient” toward a more vibrant and even carefree feel. It is, however, a minority of  songs in the course of work, they reveal precisely the plurality of arrays of expression which is inspired by the project Involved, articulated both in cosmic dust from the beginnings of electronic music as in synthetic temptations of more direct ancestry eighties. From the fusion of these elements there is drawn such an original sound, not at all captivated by nostalgia but perfectly placed in an attitude that pays homage to the past, reworking, an operation in which every admirer of acid travel sci-fi can say that Dorsey and Enoignor succeed with respectful passion.”

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