[Translated from the French via Google. Read the original here.]

“Just one year after a 12′ title Implant (not nearly as successful as the album in the spotlight today), the Belgian-American duo Involved deliver with Revolving Maze a masterpiece on this, their debut album.

In 2012, Joey Dorsey , residing in Maryland, falls under the spell of “A Cold Embrace”, the album by Battlestations aka Reivilo Enoignor . He then contacted him and offered him a partnership. Thus the project Involved was born with both artists sharing their compositions and edits only via internet.

It must be said that members of the duo had common influences, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream in mind. If we add to that the attractiveness of claimed Reivilo Enoignor for various BOs quality and that of Joe Dorsey for the trip-hop scene / 90s IDM ( Aphex Twin , Massive Attack and Portishead ), so that we can be convinced of the good taste of the duo.

That said, if we call these influences, it is not so much to assess their relevance, but because these sources are a real echo in Involved’s music . From krautrock to Kraftwerk (Revolving Maze) filmic atmospheres to Craig Armstrong (Patient), through IDM sounds ( Machiavella ), trip-hop ( Tumult ) or even ambient ( Angular and Egress ). Revolving Maze is a disc brimming with ideas.

And if the holistic locate the tendency of nature to be greater than the sum of their parts together, it can not be here to rally to their cause. Revolving Maze is not a disc under the influence (s) and any complexity comes from the wealth of crossings synthetic layers from various directions. The whole ensemble goes beyond the mere sum of its sounds, as if something of an almost shamanic nature emanated out of it. There are clearly more ideas in one Involved title then in certain whole discographies from largely overestimated artists from that genre. No matter, we’ll delight ourselves with Revolving Maze, an album that will clearly require many listen sessions to perceive its richness and subtlety. A masterpiece, right from the first album.”

Indie Rock Mag