“We all need to escape reality sometimes. For some of us often consuming a good Sci-Fi book or movie does the trick. We dive in, and for a certain period of time forget about everything else, it’s just us and the fantasy, time ceases to exist. The adventure sucks us in, we become immersed in mystery and wonder. In recent years many retro-infused ambient electronica albums have hit the musical sphere, some more successful than others, but not many hold that sense of adventure, that epic thrill. Revolving Maze, the debut album by the new international duo, Involved, is one of the more successful ’70s/’80s retro-infused ambient electronica albums that also hold a true sense of a Sci-Fi adventure.

Even though Revolving Maze falls into that resurrecting, synth-soaked corner of the musical sphere, it doesn’t sound like a tribute album. In fact, it has a very distinctive personality influenced both by pioneers, like Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre, and more modern-day luminaries, like Massive Attack, Anathema and Ulver. What we have here is a refreshing retro-style sonic tapestry highly capable of igniting the imagination. The eleven tracks reflect an alluring dialogue between lush sinister drifts and sweeping majestic bursts. Synth streams hypnotically spiral and stretch out, sometimes ominously, sometimes brightly and fiercely. Darkness and light beautifully collide. Dynamic beat construction often assertively leads the way, and enchanting, airy chants occasionally emerge and spread out like ghostly waves.

Joe Dorsey (of Until Sunrise and Ocean Architecture) and Reivilo Enoignor (of Battlestations) are the two minds behind Involved. In this collaborative effort both of them are in charge of keyboards, electronics and production, while Dorsey also contributes vocals. Kyle Standifer (from Ocean Architecture) contributes supporting vocals on “Machiavella” and “Clinic.” Dorsey is currently based in the U.S. while Enoignor is in Belgium. Press release states: Revolving Maze was constructed in fragments, with Joe and Reivilo sharing ideas and sounds entirely over the internet.” Dorsey and Enoignor have created a multilayered and vigorous debut album full of luminosity and liquid elasticity. At times things get almost symphonic, but never pretentious or too grandiose. Another excellent release from the lovely, multifaceted Australia-based imprint.”

Igloo Mag