MachiavellaInvolved’s amazing new single, ‘Machiavella‘, from their forthcoming debut Revolving Maze (19th September) has recently been posted at the wonderful German blog Schallgrenzen and Fragile or Possibly Extinct (the lovely folks from The Silent Ballet). Schallgrenzen gave it track of the day status and had this to say,

“Dramatic, sweeping wide-screen electronica and swirling Sci-Fi of Involved. I liked the track “Machiavella” from the first note. Exciting inner cinema music. Joseph Dorsey and Reivilo Enoignor are Involved are from Texas and beyond with this enveloping cosmic force from their debut album “Revolving Maze” on indie label Hidden Shoal .” – Schallgrenzen

‘Machiavella’ is available now as a free download via Bandcamp. Revolving Maze drops on the 19th September 2014.