Les Limbes  'Hypersonic'Be prepared to strap yourself in as we present the first single from Les Limbes’ brilliant debut self-titled EP. ‘Hypersonic‘ mixes adrenalised rock heft with atmospheric pop dynamics creating an instrumental that is both mesmerising and incredibly visceral. The song is lifted from from the forthcoming Les Limbes EP containing four instrumental tracks driven by dense, heavy guitars and a lithe, propulsive rhythm section, counterpointed with soaring strings and driving pianos. The EP is wholly engaging exercise in intensely focused energy and atmosphere.

Download ‘Hypersonic’ via Les Limbes’ Bandcamp or stream it at SoundCloud. The Les Limbes EP drops on the 5th of May through Hidden Shoal.

Born from the ashes of a number of previously active bands from Bordeaux, south west France (Beautiful Lunar Landscape, Nihil, Nucold), several members of Les Limbes began working together in 2012. Initially the band jammed and recorded their ideas, which made it clear something special was brewing. The band grew to a five piece (Arnaud Sigonney, Yoann Roy, Daniel Guerin, Julien Favreau, Nicolas Pointeau), began playing shows in Bordeaux, and recorded their brilliant four-track self-titled debut EP, to be released through Hidden Shoal (May 2015). Fans of Beautiful Lunar Landscape, who also released their debut through Hidden Shoal in 2007, will recognise the epic atmospheric rock stylings that Les Limbes effortlessly exude. However, the band also bring a new level of energy to the table, propelling these compositions into the stratosphere. This is noisy, rocket-fuelled post-rock’n’roll at its finest.