Excerpt: “Hotels mainman Blake Madden is on record as describing this album as (deep breath) ‘ a spy epic set in a casino in outer space’… Ry Cooder with a Morrissey quiff and a set of effects pedals, the echoing, Bigsby twisted riffs that were such a notable part of previous Hotels album ‘Where Hearts Go Broke’ are placed less obviously centre stage but are all the more effective for that. And referential 80s glam pop styling aside, Hotels own songwriting is more than a match for their instrumentation, even when the band choose to indulge their Mancunian faculties with the brakes off, as Hotels do to some quite spectacular effect on second from last track ‘Trouble At The Consulate’ – although don’t write them off as mere rehashers of the Factory back catalogue, these sounds are only one part of the post punk jigsaw that Hotels present here, to their listeners, as finally complete. And Kylie doesn’t die at the end either; what’s not to like?