Excerpt: “Their style of music is… style. The lines of demarcation between glamour and kitsch begin to blur just as quickly as Hotels guitars sharpen. They are ‘Julee Cruise meets Kraftwerk‘, part dream pop, part surf, part electro post-punk. Even the name Hotels is perfect. After all, what is a Hotel? To some it’s a place of excitement and glitz, to others, a banal, sterile, faceless Hell. Hotels capture that duality in their music. Puzzled? Well hold tight to your seat because they’ve only gone and made a concept album… Imagine a Broadway musical, based not on the Wizard of Oz or ABBA but rather the science fiction of the seventies and eighties – Logans Run, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers – anything all hair and teeth, scantily clad in lycra – now reposition that musical in the hazy, neon cauldron of Vegas, a city that hosts most of the worlds largest, most ridiculous Hotels, and you begin to have an approximation of this album. On The Casino Floor is the best concept album since Lift To Experience and their wonderful The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads…. There’s a thin line between madness and genius. It’s a great place to be and Hotels are right there now, clinging on.”

[sic] Magazine