Excerpt: “With their third release Seattle quintet Hotels are once again casting trembling post-rock and surf guitar lines across a synth-driven new wave backdrop. It’ an effective fusion, in which sombre riffs cut through tinkling keys and synthesiser or, in the case of The Bat Watusi, work together in an entirely spooky union. Lead singer Blake Madden adds another dimension to the sci-fi-meets-new-wave air, conjuring the occasional Ian Curtis comparison – especially during his more sedate moments in openers From The West and Lonely Islands. The record’ most interesting juxtaposition comes with Trouble At The Consulate, which sees a borderline Bond Theme guitar line running through an upbeat, spacey re-imagining of Love Will Tear Us Apart. The ’80s influences are strong, but the retro-futuristic edge makes this less a rehash and more the soundtrack to an outer space surf documentary.”

Rave Magazine