InternecineSome time ago we were contacting by the ever lovely and talented Charlie Sage about the possibility of Hidden Shoal partnering on a new project he was developing,  Internecine: Vanished Musicians. As a result three Hidden Shoal artists, Antonymes, Markus Mehr and Makee, collaborated with Sage and now feature in the soon to open show. The work negotiates an important piece of lost Australian history and comments on some salient and contemporary issues in regards to immigration and the notion of the refugee.

WWII: Ninety-six musicians flee Germany to settle in Australia, many forced to leave their homeland for playing blacklisted jazz. After internment in the desert as enemy aliens, many are forced to abandon their art when immigration officials insist on practical labour skills as a condition of entry. Most downplay their talent to enter safe haven, then disappear into obscurity. Few ever work publicly as musicians again.” – Internecine: Vanished Musicians

The exhibition opens on the 7th of August at the Nishi Gallery in Canberra. Check out the event page on Facebook and the project’s website for more info.