Brother EarthWe’ve just had some fantastic reviews land for Brother Earth‘s sublime new album Positive Haywires. Tomatrax and Velvet Independent have both weighed in on the albums goodness and Luna Kafe recently loved up the single ‘Out Like a Lion’. Here’s a taste,

“This is a very brave release with a large range of ideas crammed into one album, however it is pulled off with dynamic flair. On top of the wierd and wonderful twists and turns is a beautiful journey with vivid soundscapes and a breathtaking spacey atmosphere!”Tomatrax

” I – the listener – feel like a little lamb, eyeballing the big lion circling me while I’m standing in the middle of the green grass field. I’m terrified, yet I can’t wait to see what happens next. Strange feeling. Yes. It’s intense, spine-chilling, creepy, but, yet I simply have to know what’s up next… Cool, right? Cool song”Luna Kafe

Head to Brother Earth’s Bandcamp and get yourself a copy of this wild and wonderful album.