“The Slow Attack EP is one of the best tastes of good pop to come along this year. Layered, shimmering confections abound, but never sickly sweet. Glassacre demonstrate over these five tracks a command of the atmospheric; ‘Always Further Away’ and ‘Asleep in the Lake’ are the kind of tunes that evoke images of how great it is to feel alive, which is what the best pop on both sides of the Atlantic have always provided. Smart and whimsical, well-crafted and spontaneous. The single, ‘Swimming in Greece,’ tops that Pop Chart in the sky where talent counts. Like a dreamy Big Star, Glassacre’s Slow Attack is life-affirming music at its cheeky best. Here the tracks open doors to memory, reassurance and hope, delivered with comforting hooks and harmonies. Flea once said that there is nothing more serious than having fun; after listening to Glassacre, I would also add being reminded to be happy to that short list of things serious.”

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