Excerpt: “the colourful electronic pop explosion contained here acts as a more than suitable precursor to forthcoming album Tooth… It’s a bright number, with Mandy Tensen-Woolery’s vocals rising much like Bjork’s style, while creating a lullaby-like atmosphere. B-side, the highly infectious, ‘How to Draw a Ghost’ is my favourite of the two… Driven by post-punk guitars and bass, computer game bleeps and a textured string arrangement, which adds a certain vibrancy, the vocals here recall Deborah Harry at her most seductive. This is no mean feat, I may add. It’s a disparate amalgam of sounds and influences that all tie together to give Ghost in the Water their own distinctive edge. Both tracks leave you wanting more. Ghost in the Water are clearly as comfortable constructing dancefloor fillers as they are with breezy summer pop.”

Angry Ape