Tangled StarI’ll make no bones about it, Craig Hallsworth is a songwriting genius in my book. From his work with the Bamboos back in the 80’s to the Healers, Outstation, The Slow Beings and to his current Tangled Star project, Hallsworth has continued to craft brilliant rock and pop music. This week’s feature sees us dig back to the epic alt-country title track from Tangled Star’s 2007 mini-album It’s Now or Later. Whilst it may sound trite there is something innately Australian about this song as it weaves and winds it’s way across a more than seven minute terrain. Hallsworth manages to takes known rock tropes and gently twist them into his own shapes and the exultant shifts and wandering detours in the song bear witness to this. To top it all off Hallsworth’s wonderful turn of phrase infuses the music with curling narratives that take the song to another level again. Sublime.