AntonymesThe ever wonderful Ian Hazeldine, aka Antonymes, steps up to the plate and presents the next installment in our MixTape series. Those who follow the work of Hazeldine will know his work under the Antonymes moniker is as much about timing as it is about texture and melody. How perfect then that this mixtape should focus so heavily on a genre that is all about timing, jazz. Not only that, the mix is based around a wonderful conceit as explained by the artist below,

“The concept for this mix has been stuck in my head for several years now. Each track in the mix is in the same position it would be in on the album it came from. For example, Questar is track one on Keith Jarrett’s My Song, Caravan! is track two on The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble’s Here Be Dragons. You get the picture.

Normally when I prepare for a mmix I start with a whole bunch of tracks and end up only using half. It usually comes together very quickly. With this mix I started with a single track and built it from there, not really knowing where it was going to end up.

It’s a mix filled with old favourites and newer discoveries. I hope you enjoy it.” Ian Hazeldine

The Everlasting Thursday – A Mix for Winter Nights by Antonymes by Hidden Shoal on Mixcloud