” “Tail Lights” is the first single lifted from Erik Nilsson’s debut album Recollage (2011), which is being reissued by Hidden Shoal in May. Nilsson’s ambient electronica is of the cool and higly charming kind, like we heard on Nilsson’s second album, Hearing Things, so let’s go check it out.

If you’re up for The Books, Four Tet, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, and Matmos, Erik Nilsson’s music could be your cup of tea. Nilsson’s subtle and efficient guitar playing and discreet electronic instrumentation, composing and performing mixing live instruments and field recordings is quite gorgeous. When Hypnagogue magazine checked out Hearing Things they wrote: ‘[Nilsson’s] work lands in something of a sweet spot for me as a listener, taking approachable bases, things possessed of an easy, lilting beauty, and then working them through this filter or that concept, finding workable juxtapositions and pushing envelopes as he goes’. Yes, it’s true. Spot on. Like Hearing Things, “Tail Lights” is a most delicate composition. It’s a feather-light song, taking off just hovering above the ground, swirling, spinning, shining with a dim light. Being perfect music for an early morning. We’ll revisit and check out the rest of Recollage next moonth. Until the I’ll put on Hearing Things once more, as well as spinning “Tail Lights” over and over again.”

Luna Kafe