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“On the third album, Erik Nilsson offers a new essay of his curious electro-acoustic experiments; continuing the elliptical parable of the previous “Hearing Things” (2015), in “The Imperfect Tense” the Swedish artist takes his look to embrace seven enigmatic soundscapes, fruit of the creative intersection between harmonic fragments and sound landscapes soaked in melancholy kinematics.

Between the gentle warmth of the acoustic arpeggios of the initial “A Tap At The Window” and the progressive post-rock rhythmic crescendo that seals the over fourteen minutes of the final “Once, The Held You In My Arms Forever”, extends a sound microcosm in which nocturnal synthetic stratifications alternate with jazzy piano cadences and with an almost infinite series of variations of times and timbres, in turn conveyed by instrumental commistions without solution of continuity.

The accuracy with which the Swedish artist combines the heterogeneous elements of his palette does not contradict the instinctive character of the compositions of “The Imperfect Tense”, which in describing sound spaces of refined irregularity, transmit in an integral way placidly visionary suggestions.”

Music Will Not Save You