“Elisa Luu’s Enchanting Gaze is an album that is of the pretty kind, something that lightens up and gives that special sparkle of a having a wonderful day. Not unlike other releases, this one has tracks inside. Let me tell you all about it:

A track named ‘Sabadilla’ opens the ‘Enchanting Gaze’ up with the perfect excitement of an early morning in which the sun pops up to high five the departing full moon, sets a top in the sky and shines it’s colors of light over a pretty landscape, With lots of harmony, devotionally waking up of a good happy day with warm emotional strings as the blankets and piano notes as the early morning birds. With music like this; it is going to be a lovely day!

Shebeen seems to sketch a land side in which happy sheeps will be gazing and happily dancing on green fresh grass, happy human friends rolling down the hills and a bright sun oversees it all. It’s a perfect happy and lovely world that Elisa Luu puts down here in music form, with a sweet amount of electronics, uplifting guitar and just ‘a vibe’ to be felt in the heart and in elastic legs for a wobbling sensation of natural happiness! In search for music to be depressed with? You definitely won’t find such a thing over here! This is all about the sound of joy, giggles and smiles!

Then there is the pleasure-to-meet-in-hearing-form a track named B.P.M. Which features these quality sounds that sounded very Matmos like, but then quickly gets blended into a style of its own, in which rapid beats & pretty warm sounding moments gather for great perfection. Together they form a nice rolling groove of rhythmic ambient with warrior like artifacts.
Communia is a great track that does its ultimate best to stun the listener with its great care for mysterious detail. The track is organic, progressive, beautiful, superbly crispery in the electric parts and deliciously wonderful in each melodic exposure. I don’t know what you want me to write as its perfection in its beautiful forms! No joke!

The sweetness of the odd time does exactly as it is suggested in the title. It’s sweet, kind but also has a funny cartoonish sparkle hopping in and out; it made me think of a ballet performance by a elephant in a tutu, perhaps dancing with a graceful flamingo. The music is very summery, relaxing and yet has that lively element of elder elephants serenading the one in the tutu.

The last track ‘Bro..’ is one last pleasure in audio form. Everything is gentle, warm, caring and kind. It must be the good kind of ‘bro’ that this track is named after. I really feel I should stop chatting away and just give you the precious link from which you could hear and get this lovely release.”

Yeah I Know It Sucks