“Ringing in summer with church bells made of piano wire and synthesizer nubbins chiming charmingly out of sync, “Sabadilla” opens Elisa Luu’s brief but memorable new collection of sound art pieces. Her Enchanting Gaze is fixed on the close and personal, eschewing grand gestures in favor of the grandness of her warm, small ones. Six pieces gather wool as Luu daydreams aloud, ideating musics as concrete as an Irish jig danced out the door, onto the green and toward the stars (“Shebeen,”) as unexpectedly just right as the mirror ball flourishes sweeping an insect square dance (“B.P.M.”) and big city bustle observed out a cafe window (“Communia,”) and as ambiently ungraspable as “The Sweetness of the Odd Time,” whose richness of color and spirit lingers long after “Bro…” elegantly ascends and leaves us earthbound, gazing admiringly upward.”

Igloo Mag