“After producing and mixing albums for the likes of the Devil Rides Out, Miles Away, Extortion, Drowning Horse, Abbe May and hundreds of others Dr Alien Smith has gone out on his own to produce his debut EP The EP features four  melodic and atmospheric instrumental songs. Not surprisingly given his wide range of music he’s previously worked with the music covers a wide range of elements including Post Rock/Metal, Shoegaze, and Experimental electronica. This makes for a sensational journey of sounds and emotions held in with a thick atmosphere!

The EP blasts open with a solid wall of sound full of distorted progressive metal with Under Slung. The music creates a vivid surrounding atmosphere while also having thrashing tunes that will get your head thumping. Guthrie and Zeno sounds like Ride crossed with Ministry. There is a thick shoe gazer atmosphere that it amplified with a hard hitting riffs. Connective tissue takes things even heavier and rougher. Dreading through with a low distorting sounds the track paints a vividly bleak picture full of darkness and grit. The EP closes with the chilling eerie Endo Turn. Taking on a more industrial drone feel the song gives the feel as if you are strolling through an industrial wasteland not unlike the beginning of the film Erasurehead!

This is a stunning EP full of weird and wonderful sounds that really push the envelope of experimentation. The various elements are cleverly crafted together to create a confronting feel that charges on the whole way through!”