What's The Story With This Hole?The beautiful folk at Perth’s RTRFM have bestowed Craig Hallsworth‘s brilliant debut solo album with Local Feature of the Week! What’s The Story With This Hole? is still a week out from the release however you can you tune in to RTR all this week and not only get an exclusive preview, but also win yourself a copy of the album.

With over 30 years of songwriting experience under his belt, Craig Hallsworth makes What’s The Story With This Hole? feel effortless yet boundless. Recorded and produced with long-time collaborator Al Smith (DrAlienSmith, Bergerk Studios), the album represents the most musically developed and fully realised recording the pair have delivered to date. On the surface, these are perfectly composed and innately melodic pop/rock songs, with Hallsworth’s guitars alternately shimmering and snarling around his unmistakably keening vocals. The real magic, however, lies a little concealed; songs often end up somewhere very different from where they started, and Hallsworth’s often surreal lyrical excursions act in striking counterpoint to the music.

The album drops on the 24th of October 2016.