Chloe March ‘Orpheus Head’ Reviewed at Crackling Vinyl

” ‘Orpheus Head’ is the second single to be lifted from Chloe March’s third full length record Nights Bright Days. Based in the South East of England, March’s dream pop like approach to her craft, which also dips into the world’s of ambient electronica and folk, is clearly evident during this near five minute etheral experience.

March’s soft vocal delivery floats rather effortlessly over the song’s multiple instrumental textures, as well as its driving – yet at times still tender – tempo. There is more than a hint of the Cocteau Twins on this track, which in itself is another reason to check it out!

There is a rather dark tone that also seems quite prevalent in ‘Orpheus Head’, as March’s lyrics include such haunting lines as: “My body’s drawn to follow you/My heart begins to slow” and “I know where you’re leading me/You’re leading me deep below”.

Nights Bright Days was originally self-released in 2013, but the rather excellent Western Australian based label Hidden Shoal re-released it at the tail end of last year, along with its first single ‘Winter Deep’.”

Crackling Vinyl

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