Chloe March “Nights Bright Days” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

[Poorly translated from the Italian via Google. Read the original here.]

“Not only the works of underground electronic artists the Australian Hidden Shoal go to search around the world and offers through its increasingly diverse catalog. This time it’s a persuasive English singer-songwriter by the name of Chloe March, been active for nearly a decade in various forms, including that of a member of the tour the band Cousteau, a composer of music for dance and acting collaborator vocalist of another artist, part of the roster of the same label, aka Joe Dürbeck Jumpel .

The broad-expressive March is confirmed by “Nights Bright Days” album self-produced last year and now re-released with the addition of an EP containing six previously unreleased tracks which, together with ten of the album, offering a comprehensive overview of the heterogeneous inspired by the English artist. Also, thanks to a rich instrumental system, which supports with a guitar and a calibrated horn section the evocative elegance of his interpretations, Chloe March plays your tunes shades from time to time different, proving to be able to master a wide range of shades ranging from classicism vaguely jazzy piano ballads (“Eucalyptus Night,” “Ember”) in search of a dreamy and lively writing, underpinned by an electronic air time (“Café Des Poètes”) now distilled into rhythmic iterations by retro-futurist pop (“Boho Night”).

The six bonus tracks, which can be imagined creations that are newer than the original album, focus just on the profile of the locations of the pieces of the March, shaped according to nocturnal rhythms of a minimal trip-hop (“Owl”) and even reduced enveloping size of a flow of sound ethereal and ghostly (“Heartsleep”, “Unlit”). It is a symbolic signal, not only in view of possible future developments on a larger scale of Chloë March, but above all to define the artistic current, not limited to the elegance of a songwriter is not always crowned by a classical writing and instead combined with a number of suggestions that can cover it every time mysterious charm.”

- Music Won’t Save You

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