Chloë March “Divining” Reviewed at Self As Fractal

“Chloe March’s album Divining has been mentioned a number of times on ecto. ‘It’s as lovely as they say. It’s almost a score without a film. There’s a sense of place, earnest and immersive. And what’s truly remarkable is that it’s not at all the samey new-age-compilation that the song titles might suggest. Listening to it is interesting. There are things to discover. There are ways to become lost.’

Take “Soft Rain.” There’s more tumult here than you might expect from the title: a pitter-patter of a drum part, a backdrop more propulsive than droning. And there are quiet moments, too, when it dies down so the piano can plink out the raindrops. The song demands a window and a spring shower, but even the latter’s not necessary. It’ll provide one.”

Self As Fractal

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