Brother EarthMore review love for Brother Earth‘s first single from their forthcoming album Positive Haywires. ‘Out Like a Lion’ just received a wonderful write up at the very cool Backseat Mafia blog. Here’s a taste,

“It’s this slightly eerie, claustrophobic indie pop song that opens with these clicks and ethereal shimmering backing, sugared with the backing vocals and a melody line that leads you through. As it continues, so it gets less sure of itself, almost reticent scared almost as around every corner there seems to be a (musical) surprise with these increasingly urgent splashes of discordant noise… It’s surprising and experimental, and quite beautiful.”Backseat Mafia

‘Out Like a Lion’ is available for free download along with the latest Brother Earth single ‘City of Gold’ from the band’s Bandcamp. Positive Haywires drops on the 16th September with pre-orders available now.