Arc LabWe’re very excited to announce the addition of Arc Lab to the Hidden Shoal family. Arc Lab is of course Hidden Shoal artist Medard Fischer’s primary vehicle for musical experimentation – a blank-slate platform on which he has released a diverse catalogue of emotive, conceptual work.

Arc Lab’s last release, 2008’s The Goodbye Radio on the wonderful n5MD label, was described as “genre-defying or, perhaps most appropriately, genre-transcending” (Textura) and as “one of the most original releases in the IDM field in some time” and “downright ingenious” ([sic] Magazine). Almost 8 years on it’s easy to see why we’re champing at the bit to tell you about his new album Anthem, out  28th July 2016. Yet rather than sully the experience with words now, we’ll ask you to hold on until the 9th of June when first single ‘Burning Glass’ drops. It’s worth the wait, trust us. Read more on Arc Lab here.