“Staying with Hidden Shoal a little while longer, now this is quite simply arresting, been a while since we hooked up to the sounds of Apricot Rail, I seem to recall their last visitation in these pages many, many years ago had us all seductively cooed and frankly speechless in adoring admiration. It seems Perth’s finest have a new single out, ‘dore strauch’ be its name, lifted from their ‘Quarrels’ album which I’m suspecting we need to hear as soon as, this honey is pure pastoral kaleidoscopia. Woodwinds, glockenspiels and the ornate rustic reel of folk madrigals weave a sumptuously hypnotic haven of vintage village green follies by way of an ageless craft honeyed in a regal pepper-corning that could easily be a spell crafting Ozric Tentacles lassoed from their astral planes and moored to some lush green idyllic meadow whittling woodcuts with circulus and sproatly smith under the watchful proud eye of a certain Mr Oldfield.”

The Sunday Experience