Antonymes 'The Licence to Interpret Dreams' – Textura

Excerpt: “The latest opus from North Wales-based Ian Hazeldine under the Antonymes moniker, The Licence To Interpret Dreams is a beautiful collection regardless of whether one classifies it as electronic chamber music or ambient neo-classical. A marvel of conception and form, the album’s twelve pieces are numbered on the back cover as dreams (“Dream I,” “Dream II,” etc.), which proves to be a fitting strategy for an album that unfurls like a graceful plume of smoke captured in slow-motion. It’s music that never feels as if it’s groaning under the weight of a too-cluttered arrangement; instead, Hazeldine opts for restraint and elegance in the selection and distribution of the sounds making up the pieces…. The Licence To Interpret Dreams is an album that features one stirring moment after another, with seemingly every piece distinguished by an ear-catching moment or two…. Antonymes’ album is one that would have natural appeal to listeners whose recent playlists have included work by Field Rotation, Harold Budd, Nils Frahm, and Dustin O’Halloran, to name a few who could be seen as kindred spirits to Hazeldine.”


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