Antonymes 'License to Interpret Dreams' – Ambient Blog

Excerpt: “…. “The Licence to Interpret Dreams” fits in perfectly with the best of the recent ‘post-classical’ releases and will have immediate appeal to listeners that also enjoy releases by artists like Johann Johannsson, Max Richter, Peter Broderick and Dustin O’Halloran. But to leave it at that description would not do justice to the versatility of this album. It is not “just” a collection beautifully constructed post-classical chamber music. From the beginning to the end, this album has a carefully constructed balance.  Starting with sparse piano chords in “A Fragile Acceptance”, it guides us along some amazing stylistical surprises, that also feature fragmented poetry, satie-esque piano music, church organ/harpsichord arrangements, dreamlike ambient sound, and a choir arrangement that could’ve easily been written for a Disney animation movie soundtrack… Like North Wales itself, the music on “The Licence to Interpret Dreams” is a mixture of reality and dreamlike mysteries at the same time.  “It begins at the piano, where notes, space and intention, and something of the soul and the mind catching itself combine over time, until a shape appears, which suggests other shapes..”… “The Licence to Interpret Dreams” stands out from many other albums in this blooming genre of post-modern impressionism.”

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