“Staying with hidden shoal a little while longer here’s two visitations by Antonymes, well sort of, first up the simply divine ‘towards tragedy and dissolution’ – a slice of impeccable Autumnal classicism cut with such tenderness it emotionally tears and stings with bitter sweet elegance – frail, fragile and poised whilst deftly stirred in a delicacy and an embrace of a forgotten songcraft.

Next up Antonymes’ ‘delicate power’ this time re-aligned and re-imagined by Marconi Union who if I recall rightly we mentioned in passing several missives ago. Anyhow here they stretch out a comforting arm to somewhat cuddle out a thawing warmth to the original bringing it in from its touching isolation and tending to it an affectionate sepia glow and an adoring monochromatic musical box motif teased in genuflecting key string opines which if anything rather than dull the classicist magneticism serve to compliment it.”

The Sunday Experience