As part of our 5th birthday celebrations, during the month of May we’ll be looking back at the history of Hidden Shoal, year by year, casting some light on artists and releases that may have been overlooked. For one week, all releases covered below will be available from the Hidden Shoal Store with a 40% discount. Flavoursome!

In 2007, Hidden Shoal pushed onward with a ridiculously full release schedule and tons of new signings. The label continued its expansion internationally with 2007 seeing releases from a diverse and beautiful spectrum of artists based in Germany (Sankt Otten and Jumpel), France (Beautiful Lunar Landscape), the US (Slow Dancing Society, The Hero Cycle, Iretsu, Wes Willenbring, Monocle), Belgium (Colour Kane) and Japan (Cheekbone, The Retail Sectors).

Locally, 2007 saw releases from ambient duo Moongoat, a new album from Chris Mason and an EP under his My Majestic Star moniker, plus an EP from Melbourne instrumental quartet Bury The Sound (with HSR’s Tim Clarke on guitar).

In May 2007 we were proud to celebrate our first birthday with the release of the second volume in our free download compilation series, The Garden of Forking Paths. And if that wasn’t enough, we saw out the end of the year with the release of a third compilation, Limit of Maps, rounding up tracks from the second half of 2007 and also featuring a sneak preview of a few 2008 releases, too.

However, perhaps the crowning achievement of a busy year was being named one of Textura’s 10 favourite labels of 2007. The feeling’s mutual – Textura is easily one of our favourite music sites. To be just one year in and be acknowledged like that felt like quite an honour.

HSR013:   Moongoat Moongoat EP
HSR014:   My Majestic Star Fining EP
HSR015:   Sankt Otten Wir Koennen Ja Freunde Bleiben
HSR016:   The Hero Cycle Lakes and Ponds EP
HSR017:   Colour Kane A Taste Of
HSR018:   Wes Willenbring Somewhere Someone Else
HSR019:   Various artists The Garden of Forking Paths
HSR020:   Bury The Sound Autumn Magnets EP
HSR021:   Chris Mason Restless
HSR022:   Jumpel Samuel Jason Lies on the Beach
HSR023:   Cheekbone Yesterday EP
HSR024:   Beautiful Lunar Landscape Alone in this Dark Romantic Night EP
HSR025:   Iretsu The Moon and Stars Remain in the Morning Sky
HSR026:   Slow Dancing Society The Slow and Steady Winter
HSR027:   Monocle Outer Sunset
HSR028:   The Retail Sectors Foregone Conclusion
HSR029:   Sankt Otten Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder
HSR030:   Various artists Limit of Maps