“III is the title of the new album by the American multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias and the Italian singer Pat Moonchy. It is already the third album in just under three years of this collaboration.

Cinematic soundscapes
They both have their own solo careers in quite different genres; where Tobias moves more in the Rock genre, we often find Pat Moonchy in the somewhat dark Ambient corner. Still, the two have been able to complement each other perfectly since the self-titled debut from 2018 and this is already their third album. From the first notes we are transported into those Ambient-like, psychedelic soundscapes that sound almost spooky. It is striking that Pat often opts for the Latin language, which is really very unusual. It gives the already mysterious songs an even darker and more authentic. She herself says: “ When I sing in Latin it feels like discovering the details of ancient lives lost in time. ” Songs like ‘Portus’, ‘Dies Festus’ and ‘Dubium’ evoke almost cinematic images that are drenched in melancholy. If a highlight has to be mentioned, it will be between ‘Petali Caduti’ or ‘Limbi’.

Final Verdict
III is an album for the experienced listener. Especially the combination of the sometimes somewhat neoclassical sounding Pat Moonchy and the electronic Ambient-like soundscapes provide an enchanting listening experience. Maybe a bit experimental, but by no means your average album and definitely an album for anyone who wants to listen something “out of the box”. Have fun listening!”