[Translated via Google. Read the original here.]

“There are EPs that overwhelm more than an album, Of All The Places Been & Everything The End of Kramies just released at Hidden Shoal is one of them. The friend Kramies opens his grimoire to the illuminated melodies that throw us intoxicating fate. He deserts his native Colorado to dream on the haunting Irish moor with six titles that smell of peat and whiskey. His hypnotic voice envelops and bewitches us as the mythical banshees would do . After a walk of 8’25 on Ireland , the heart of this magical album, comes a short piece on the piano, The writings echoing the little musical laundry of the new title of Jason Lytle , Color of Dirt which will appear on a disc, 3ingle with Little Wings and … Kramies to be released on November 16th . And as Christmas is coming soon, Kramies in collaboration with Jason Lytle ( Grandaddy ), Todd Tobias ( Guided by Voices ) and Jerry Becker ( Train ) offers us an exclusive dream video of The writings and his magical piano.”

Soul Kitchen