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The ability to combine different styles and musical languages ​​is inherent in personal and artistic biography of Ryan E. Weber, whose curriculum appear collaborations with bands and artists such as Shearwater, Owen, Decibully and Dirty Projectors, conducted from various corners of the world. For some time Weber is, metaphorically, “back home” in its Michigan and driving a solo project, REW<<, in which condensation precisely his many experiences and such a versatile personality as elusive frameworks unique.

His second solo album, “Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Siren Sings Swan Songs”, confirms Weber’s attitudes to a sound, however, tightrope walking that finds its hinges in the spirit of pop and density of synthetic prevalence sounds, dreamy and slightly acidic. In half an hour of Weber’s work in fact almost always it moves from keyboards to create sci-fi scenarios, when the rhythmic lapping even become more pronounced electro matrices and yet, in its strings there is also a taste for the latamente arrangement solutions ” orchestral “(at least in the sense Patrick Watson last” Love Songs for Robots “) and even to gentle acoustic harmonies, such as those that open surprise” the Distance from Vultures “.

Agile orchestration of Weber and a linear melodic writing in his absence of sound continuity then complete the short sequence of songs from her second album, clear example of post-modern pop transformations.

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